Two Little Girls

First published in Woodnotes #24, Spring 1995, page 43.

Two Little Girls: Haiku for Fun by Patricia Neubauer. A Lantern Minibook, 1994, 32 pages, hand-sewn paperback, 5½ by 4¼ inches. $8.00 postpaid from the author at 4360 East Texas Road, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103 [address no longer correct]. This book is a delight! Hurry to order a copy— the edition is limited to just 50. You’ll enjoy these 13 poems, each delightfully illustrated by Patricia herself. These poems celebrate childhood, offering the sensitivity of a child’s viewpoint without excess sentimentality or contrivance. A great treat! Two of many favorites:

sent to bed

supperless . . .

a dinner plate moon

left out in the rain

the bucket of tadpoles