Woodnotes — #15

Winter 1992

Woodnotes #15 was the largest ever, both in terms of the number of pages (36) and the greatest number of haiku and senryu (102), plus five tanka, four of which placed in HPNC’s annual contest, in a new tanka category initiated by contest coordinator Dave Sutter. Elizabeth St Jacques’ essay, “The Importance of Rhythm in Haiku,” spoke about the lyrical possibilities of haiku and how we might pay attention to rhythm as an antidote to skeletal haiku. Francine Porad served as the judge for HPNC’s annual contest, offering insightful commentary, including for the new tanka category.


  • Editors: Christopher Herold and Michael Dylan Welch

  • Typesetting and layout: Michael Dylan Welch

  • Cover and interior art: clipart

Pages 36

Haiku/Senryu 102

Tanka 5

Essays 2

Reports 2

Book Reviews 1

Mini-Reviews 9


  • Meeting Report by Ebba Story

  • Woodnotes Award, won by Marianne Monaco

  • “The Importance of Rhythm in Haiku” essay by Elizabeth St Jacques

  • Haiku and Senryu

  • President’s Message by Paul O. Williams

  • HPNC 1992 San Francisco International Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka Contest, judged by Francine Porad

  • Woodnotes (news; “Haiku Life” now included among other news)

  • “Yuki Teikei Haiku Retreat at Asilomar” report by June Hopper Hymas

  • Books, with notes by Michael Dylan Welch

  • Book Review by David E. LeCount

Summer River by James Chessing, Kimberly Cortner, Ebba Story, and Kathy White, edited by Tom Lynch

Woodnotes Award

my father

gentle for a moment—


Marianne Monaco

Selected Poems

the slow dewdrop

down a length of leaf

bumps the snail

Elizabeth St Jacques

Silencing the cricket,

silenced by it

—the night stars

vincent tripi

new widow

turns the chipped side of the cup

to the wall

Lequita Vance

one more ride

with the top down—

winter stars

Yvonne Hardenbrook