Slide Shows

As a published photographer, I’ve developed the following slide shows that can be included with my haiku or other presentations if the session time allows. To see examples of my work, please visit the Photographs page.

“Details of Japan” — Photographs that emphasize details of Japanese landscape and architecture, including patterns, craftsmanship, and more (with music). About six minutes.

“Come to Your Senses” — A wide-ranging combination of my photographs and recited haiku (with music). About 12 to 15 minutes.

“Faces of Haiku” — Photos of well-known English-language haiku poets, each paired with a representative haiku poem. About 30 to 60 minutes.

“Blurred Lights” — Representative photographs from my extensive exploration of hand-held night photography in which the camera is moved during exposure to create startling and abstract splashes of colour. Can be tailored to include blurred-light photographs that incorporate my short neon buddha poems. About 15 minutes. Click to see photographs of blurred fireworks from a single fireworks show in 2011, and more from 2012, these photos being a subset of the many varieties of blurred-light photographs I specialize in. Or see mostly abstracts.