A Trio of Trifolds, and Something Extra

Post date: Dec 14, 2015 7:18:28 AM

Look for several new additions here on Graceguts. Three of them are new trifolds I put together in late 2015. They are “Sparrow Songs” (recent haiku and senryu), “A Common Touch” (haiku and senryu relating to the sense of touch), and “World with No Corners” (a collection of tanka). Find them on the Trifolds page and on the Trifolds Downloads page. If you download these, or view them online, please let me know—and please know that “A Common Touch” requires special paper cutting to make the final product, so it won’t look quite the way it is intended if you just view it online or print it out. And, for good measure, another addition is an untitled short poem by Charles F. Kennedy just uploaded to the “Poems About Haiku” section of the Poems by Others page. Oh wait, there’s more! I’ve also added Chinese and Persian links to the Translations page. All the best for the holidays!