Add-Ons Galore

Post date: Mar 07, 2021 10:53:34 PM

Time for some new add-ons to Graceguts. The largest addition, on the Essays page, is “Lorine Niedecker’s Haiku Library,” just published in Solitary Plover, along with my poem “Nigeria,” just added to the Poems page. On the Poems by Others page, look for Francesca Bell’s charming poem, “I Long to Hold the Poetry Editor’s Penis in My Hand,” complete with a video performance (rated G for Great). On the Poems About Haiku page you’ll find “The Noetic Frog” by the enigmatic poet known as Noetica. And on the Rengay page, look for the longest word on all of Graceguts, in “Ain’t Got No Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia,” written with Alan S. Bridges. Also, I’ve got a new haiku added to the end of the Parodies, Homages, Allusions page, and more event updates on the Appearances page.