Don’t Miss These

Post date: Feb 11, 2021 7:54:34 AM

A few smaller additions to Graceguts this time. On the Poems page, look for my previously unpublished anagrammatical wordplay in “Cuter Gags.” On the Essays page, I’ve added numerous revisions and updates to the “Haiku and the Japanese Garden” essay, where you’ll also find a pleasing new video about Japanese gardens. On the Interviews page, look for the addition of my 1 February 2021 KJZZ radio podcast interview, appearing with Natalie Goldberg, conducted by Tom Maxedon. On the Books page, I’ve added the compact disc cover image of A Collection of Rare Songs by Itchu, for which I did much translation work, with Emiko Miyashita. And finally, on the Famous People I’ve Met page, I’ve added Hal Holbrook, the Mark Twain actor who recently died, who I met back in college.