Historical Rengay

Post date: Aug 04, 2017 10:27:28 PM

A new addition to the “Historical Rengay” section of the Rengay page is “Between Storms,” a rengay by John Thompson and Garry Gay, which I believe to be the first rengay ever published (although not the first to be written). It appeared in January 1993 in the Romanian haiku journal Albatross, complete with a Romanian translation. This rengay also included a short overview of the rengay form, surely helpful to readers when no other rengay had ever been published. I also include a postscript (also linked to from the Postscripts page) that considers both the rengay and the overview statement as formative steps in the development of the rengay genre. I have also made other updates to the Rengay page to improve the structure and clarity of the content.