New Poetic Collaboration

Post date: Oct 07, 2013 6:0:32 PM

Collaboration is among the most rewarding sorts of writing available to poets. I’m pleased to add a new collaborative piece, “A Cup of Snow,” to the Collaborations page. It’s a renku in the relatively new Japanese form of rokku, devised in 2000 by the poet and critic Haku Asanuma. An afterword to our collaboration explains more about the rokku form. Contributors are Hortensia Anderson, John Carley, Carole MacRury, Alan Summers, and me, with John Carley acting as the sabaki (renku leader). We wrote “A Cup of Snow” from January to May in 2008, and it was published in Frogpond 36:2, Winter/Spring 2013. Enjoy all its twists and turns!