On Lorraine Ellis Harr’s Isn’ts of Haiku

Post date: Dec 31, 2013 2:30:54 AM

It’s not often I add a new essay to the Essays page, especially a previously unpublished one. But I’ve just added one such new addition, “Lorraine Ellis Harr’s ISN’Ts of Haiku.” I’ve appended her memorable and provocative haiku checklist with my own commentary. I agree in some cases, take issue in other cases, and generally raise questions and try to broaden the issues she raises. Since Harr first published her checklist in the mid 1970s, much has changed in English-language haiku, yet much has stayed the same. Indeed, the core guidance of Harr’s list remains nearly as relevant today as it was forty years ago, even if many of the details warrant refinement. Please take a look.