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This website mostly features content that I have previously published elsewhere and then collected here. However, for various reasons, a number of contributions have appeared here without first being published elsewhere. Here’s a list of most of them. In most cases, I decided to publish this content on my website because of the unlikelihood of publishing it elsewhere. In some cases the content stems from workshops I give, or from presentations or speeches I’ve given at conferences or other events. In other cases the content missed its window of opportunity for publication, so I’ve included it here rather than leave it unavailable. Introductions to major subpages, such as Haiku and Senryu, and nearly all of the marvelously fascinating contributions to the Digressions page are also previously unpublished. See also the Postscripts page, which lists previously unpublished additions to other content.

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Essays, Reviews, Speeches, Handouts,
and Other Earthly Delights

    2009: My Poetic Year

    2010: My Poetic Year

    2011: My Poetic Year

    2012: My Poetic Year

    2015 Griffin-Farlow Haiku Award Winners

    A Few Don’ts by an Imagiste: Learning from Ezra Pound

African American Haiku: Cultural Visions

    Alice’s Chain of Thought

Animated by Hope [about my favourite word]

    Bashō’s Frog: The Gift of Haiku

    Clocking Out

Defining Haiku by Iterations

    Directions in Tanka

E. E. Cummings—Not for Mostpeople

Ekphrastic Assimilations

    First Trip to Japan

    For the Love of Skiing

Haiku Checklist

    Haiku, Green Tea & Sushi

Haiku Missionary: An Annotated Response to Alan Watts’ “Haiku”

    Haikuna Matata

    How I Came to Haiku

    How to Present a Rengay

    If You’re Haikuing and You Know It

    An Introduction to Tan-Renga

    Jay Gelzer’s Haiku Soul

    A Journal of Friends

Linking and Leaping: A Haiga Primer

    Listening to the Rain

Lorraine Ellis Harr’s ISN’Ts of Haiku

The Matsuyama Declaration: An Annotated Analysis

My Haiku Notebooks

My Window Opens: A Personal Haiku History

    Nine Words — by Tracy Koretsky

    Notes on Gendai Haiku


    On Writing Haiku

    Opening the Haiku Window

    Poetential: Notes on The Virgin of Bennington

Problems and Challenges of International Haiku

    Pronouncing Kireji and Senryu

    Pronunciation Guide for Names of Haiku Poets

    Remembering Bill Higginson

    Response to Alina Kwiatowska  (about my poem “Bedroom in Arles”)

    Sandlot Haiku and the Democracy of the Internet

Savouring Salvage

    Seishi Yamaguchi’s The Essence of Modern Haiku

Selected Examples of Déjà-ku

    Set in Stone

    Seven Fundamentals: A Guide to Rengay for Editors

    A Short History of Woodnotes

    Smooth Sailing—2013 HNA Welcome Speech

Some Thoughts on Déjà-ku

    Striking Gold: The American Haiku Archive

A Survey of Today’s English-Language Haiku Activity

    Three Erasures

Two Books for Children

    Wanting the Mouth of a Lover

    Waverley Writers

    Waves of Influence: Paul O. Williams

    Welcome to Haiku North America 2001

    Welcome to Haiku North America 2003

    Welcome to Haiku North America 2009

What’s In a Name? Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Poetry

    William Harts Monsoon

Woodnotes [descriptions of all 31 issues]

    Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers