Spanish Translations and a Haiku Song

Post date: Jul 02, 2020 11:27:58 PM

New on the Interviews page is “Featured Poet: Michael Dylan Welch,” published in September of 2018 (also available through the Translations page). The article appeared in the Spanish haiku journal Hojas en la acera: Gaceta trimestral de haiku / Leaves on the Sidewalk: Quarterly Haiku Gazette (HELA), written and translated by Leticia Sicilia Saavedra. The text includes biographical background (in Spanish only), and fourteen haiku (in English and Spanish). And for a bit of amusement, sing along to “Haikuna Matata” in the parodies section of the Poems About Haiku page. Also look for a 1932 review of Harold G. Henderson’s The Bamboo Broom book at the end of my “Unfolding Destiny: Harold G. Henderson’s The Bamboo Broom essay.