Traffic Culture Exhibition Haiku Winners

Post date: Jan 02, 2020 4:29:30 AM

Happy new year! Or, as they say in Japan, 明けましておめでとう. Speaking of Japan, I’ve had the privilege of working with Emiko Miyashita on many translations from the Japanese. In addition to several books we’ve had published over the last dozen years (such as on waka, noh drama, bonsai, and furoshiki), we’ve also translated speeches, website content (such as for the Haiku International Association), album liner notes, concert programs, museum signage, magazine articles, and more, including haiku and other poetry. A recent annual project has been to translate haiku winners for the Traffic Culture Exhibition in Tokyo. New to the Digressions page is “Tokyo Traffic Culture Exhibition,” with many photos of the 2018 exhibition, plus links to the 2018 haiku and 2019 haiku contest winners, as well as “A History of the Sakuryōkai Exhibition,” all of which is also available through the Translations page. Elsewhere on this site, I’ve updated the Appearances page to focus on 2020, with 2019 Appearances moved to their own separate page. Please explore.