True Colour

Post date: Jan 14, 2015 12:21:1 AM

This site has a large new addition in celebration of my most recent book of poetry, True Colour. I’ve posted all but one of the thirteen solo rengay included in the book, plus the book’s introduction, “An Invitation to Rengay,” and its afterword, “How to Write a Rengay.” (The thirteenth rengay, the book’s title piece, will come later.) These poems are available through the Rengay and Books pages, and on their own True Colour page. The Postscripts page also includes a link to “An Invitation to Rengay,” because it includes a previously unpublished postscript. Enjoy all these rengay poems, each one focusing on a different colour as its theme. And if you’d like to watch a video of me reading from this book, please visit YouTube or the True Colour page.