Haiku Greeting Cards

Minuteman Press, Redmond, Washington, 2014. Set of six greeting cards.

In 2014, for the “Moonshine Series” public art project in the downtown historic core of Redmond, Washington, Jacqueline Calladine and I produced a set of “Twelve Weathergrams.” From these twelve collaborations, we selected six to make into a set of greeting cards, shown here (at low resolution). If you are interested in purchasing a set, please contact Michael Dylan Welch.

meteor shower . . .

a gentle wave

wets our sandals

shore pines

creak in the wind—

your offshore love

scattered petals . . .

the thud of my books

in the book drop

a crab apple

from the highest branch

rattles down the rain spout

Japanese barberry

for dinner

you suggest sushi

a sweet gum tree

tips toward the pond—

distant thunder

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