Moonshine Series

In the fall of 2014, I participated in the “Moonshine Series,” three nights of events designed to draw attention to the historic core of downtown Redmond, Washington. These events, held on 24 September, 1 October, and 8 October, 2014, included historical dramas, walking tours (with characters in costume from the early 1900s), live music (with old-time roving musicians), historical displays, and interactive crafts and haiku poetry. I worked with Jacqueline Calladine to staff an activity station to facilitate the making of haiku weathergrams, which were hung in O’Leary Park in downtown Redmond for several months. This project, organized by Kim Dietz of the city of Redmond and supported by a grant from 4Culture, resulted in my working with Jacqueline Calladine to produce a series of elaborate weathergrams featuring my haiku and her collage artwork. Visit “Twelve Weathergrams” to see each piece. We also made six of these collaborations into greeting cards. Visit “Haiku Greeting Cards” to see these cards, adapted from the weathergrams, with graphic design by Kristen Thompson of Minuteman Press.