A Haiku Path

In 1988, the Haiku Society of America celebrated its 20th anniversary. To mark this anniversary, even if after the fact, HSA officers and leading members decided to produce a book that documented the society’s first twenty years. A committee formed and began a selection process of essays from Frogpond (which began in 1978) and minutes from the extensively recorded minutes from the society (beginning with some of the earliest meetings). By 1990 the project still wasn’t completed, and in 1991 I joined the committee to serve as overseeing editor and publication manager, working with Garry Gay and other editorial committee members. I also volunteered to do all the layout and design. It took three more years to publish, with many permissions headaches, but in 1994 the Haiku Society of America released its landmark book about the society’s history, A Haiku Path. I contributed an afterword to the book.

See Ce Rosenow’s review of A Haiku Path from Woodnotes #26, Autumn 1995. +