Haiku Christmas Cards

Starting in 1990, I made annual handmade Christmas cards, some cards being more labour-intensive than others (I made 100 to 200 copies of most of these cards). I continued making these cards until 1998, which was a red origami shirt, the design of which I learned from my new girlfriend Hiromi, who is now my wife. And then I made one more card in 2000 to celebrate Y2K. You can view all these cards on Google Photos (more than are shown below). These photos also include four one-of-a-kind cards made in 2012. You can also read nearly all the poems at Christmasku. See “An Austrian Christmas, a haibun of mine about Christmas in 1983, which I share annually on Facebook. See also Holiday Haiku and my 2022 Holiday Haiku video installation. The last image shown below is a digital creation I’ve posted to Facebook in December every year since 2011.