neon buddha photo-haiga

I’ve done a few hundred neon buddha photo-haiga, and will be adding additional selections as they are published. Here are a few selections. The first five all appeared in Notes from the Gean 3:3, December 2011, together with an extensive interview with me, plus other contributions. The sixth photo-haiga appeared in Wild Plum 3:1, Spring–Summer 2017, page 34. The next six appeared in Hedgerow #117, 2017. You can also view high-resolution versions of the first five of these photo-haiga on Google Photos. For more of my blurred-light and other neon buddha photo-haiga, please see 3Lights, 12 neon buddhas, forty neon buddhas, Free Thinking, Gathering Rosebuds, and “The neon buddha attends his first haiku-con.”

48th birthday

the neon buddha

thinks of angels

discovering the afterlife the neon buddha

riding a unicorn in his dream the neon buddha

bowling night the neon buddha strikes again

the apparition

of his face in a cloud

the neon buddha

saying his prayers in esperanto the neon buddha

primal scream

the neon buddha

doesnt flinch

taking another step

to recovery

neon buddha

for some reason

the neon buddha decides

to eat his broccoli


to the wrong country

neon buddha


for a different fortune cookie

neon buddha

going the way

of the dinosaur

neon buddha