Haiku Ireland Featured Guest Poet

Published in Haiku Ireland #7, June–September 2007, pages 30 and 31, following an overview and interview by Gilles Fabre.

at his favourite deli

the bald man finds a hair

in his soup

Woodnotes #8, Autumn 1990

Honourable mention in 1990 Haiku Poets of Northern California Senryu Contest

a deer leaps—

the hunter’s

closed eye

Modern Haiku 25:2, Summer 1994

first star—

a seashell held

to my baby’s ear

Grand Prize (“Special Award”) in the Bashō 360th Anniversary Haiku Contest, Japan

spring breeze—

the pull of her hand

as we near the pet store

Woodnotes #19, Winter 1993

summer moonlight

the potter’s wheel


Second prize, 1990 Kaji Aso Haiku Contest, Boston

clicking off the late movie . . .

the couch cushion


First prize, 1995 Brady Senryu Contest, Haiku Society of America

reading in bed

my pulse flickering

the lightly held bookmark

Hummingbird 7:2, December 1996

accumulating snow—

oven mitts

praying on the counter

Frogpond 28:1, Winter 2005

toll booth lit for Christmas—

from my hand to hers

warm change

Second prize, 1995 Henderson Haiku Contest, Haiku Society of America

Christmas Eve—

bits of a price sticker

stuck to my finger

The Heron’s Nest 7:3, September 2005

relaxing my arm


on the bullseye

Third prize, 2004 Drevniok Haiku Contest, Haiku Canada

base hit—

the outfielder’s

four shadows

Baseball Haiku, New York: W. W. Norton, 2007

first snow . . .

the children’s hangers

clatter in the closet

Woodnotes #23, Winter 1994





Brussels Sprout 7:2, May 1991

Valentine’s Day—

she reminds me

to fasten my seatbelt

Honourable mention, 2000 Brady Senryu Contest, Haiku Society of America +

meteor shower . . .

a gentle wave

wets our sandals

First prize, 2000 Henderson Haiku Contest, Haiku Society of America +

morning chill—

the bag of marbles

shifts on the shelf

Haiku Troubadours 2000: Contemporary World Haiku Anthology from Japan, Fujimi, Saitama, Japan: Ginyu Press, 2000

tulip festival—

the colours of all the cars

in the parking lot

Honourable mention, 2000 Tokutomi Haiku Contest, Yuki Teikei Haiku Society

an old woolen sweater

taken yarn by yarn

from the snowbank

Second prize, 1991 Henderson Haiku Contest, Haiku Society of America

morning sun—

a patch of frost

in the holstein’s shadow

First prize, 2001 Drevniok Haiku Contest, Haiku Canada