This sequence of thirteen poems, cycling through a year of seasons, appeared in Many Trails to the Summit: Poems by Forty-Two Pacific Northwest Poets (Seattle, Rose Alley Press, 2010), edited by David D. Horowitz. The individual poems first appeared in Brussels Sprout, Frogpond, Geppo, Mayfly, Mirrors, Snapshots, and Woodnotes. See also the video by Steve Hodge, made in 2017, that includes many of these poems.

scattered petals . . .

the thud of my books

in the book drop +

mountain spring—

in my cupped hand

pine needles

tulip festival—

the colours of all the cars

in the parking lot

meteor shower . . .

a gentle wave

wets our sandals +

summer moonlight

the potter’s wheel


first day of school—

I eat my buckwheat pancakes

in silence

a crab apple

from the highest branch

rattles down the rain spout

first cold night—

the click of your domino

as we play by the fire +

first snow . . .

the children’s hangers

clatter in the closet

warm winter evening—

the chairs askew

after the poetry reading

Valentine’s Day—

she reminds me

to fasten my seatbelt +

hospital waiting room—

the drinking fountain

stops humming