Haiku Journey Pictures

The Haiku Journey computer game has colourful graphics. Here you can see images of the box and CD-ROM, as well as screenshots from the game. Also see screenshots at Moby Games. You too can become a Haiku Master!

Haiku Journey Box

Front cover

Back cover

Jewel case



Welcome screen, where you can choose between Time and Puzzle mode, or click to view a book of all the haiku poems you’ve solved while playing the game.

Find words in the letter grid, and when you’ve turned the colour of all lanterns in the grid, you move to the next level.

The letter grid changes to a different shape at each level, often in a harder configuration.

As you find words, their first letters start to fill in the haiku on the left.

You can get bonus points if you correctly guess the complete haiku before all the letters are supplied (when you guess, the author’s name is revealed).

As you play Haiku Journey, you progress through various levels.

At the highest level, when you reach the end of the game, you become a Haiku Master.

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