Captain Haiku

I’d been known for some years as Captain Haiku before I created a website titled “Captain Haiku's Secret Hideout” in all of two hours in September of 1997. The site lasted eleven years, unchanged, as a free site on America Online until the company shut down its free site hosting in October of 2008, whereupon I moved the Captain Haiku site to a new location, and then again in August of 2020 to a third location. This photo, taken 8 August 2009 with a borrowed hat, was on the boat cruise on the Ottawa River that capped off (pardon the pun) the 2009 Haiku North America conference at the National Library of Canada in Ottawa. See more pictures. I clearly need to get my own captain’s hat!

And guess what my handle is on Twitter and TikTok? Yup, @CaptainHaiku. And see also “Captain Haiku vs. the Arch-Villanelle.”