A Brief History of Nothing

Nothing began by accident. After nothing happened, it happened again. There was nothing to do about it, so it was trademarked. You may think nothing of it, but that was nothing. Just you wait till you see what happens next. Oh, wait, that’ll be nothing. This journal’s editor may have nothing upstairs, but nothing succeeds like success, so nothing took off. When it came back, nothing gained millions of subscribers around the world, in every country and region except for Spitsbergen, Madagascar, and Greenland. What’s up with that? Don’t islands like nothing? What this poetry journal has accomplished is nothing less than, well, we’re still trying to figure that out. We thought this magazine had revealed the meaning of life, but it turned out to be nothing. You could thank us for writing this, but please, think nothing of it. And always remember: You have nothing to worry about, and nothing to fear. Subscribe to nothing today.

In case you hadn't noticed, this here

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