at mull river

First published in Woodnotes #27, Winter 1995, page 50. Read the book in PDF form on the Haiku Foundation website.       +

at mull river by anne mckay. Wind Chimes Press, 1995, 52 pages, paperback, 7 by 4 inches. $5.00 postpaid from the author at Studio B, 1506 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5L 2Y9 [address no longer correct]. Despite her prolificacy, anne mckay’s work continues to shine with each new publication. at mull river is a book of place (“a train runs through it,” she jokes), a place of mind for mulling over life’s delicate details as the river of reality rolls on and on and on. One or two poems appear on each page in green ink on a gently subdued light green paper. This book delivers just what we expect of anne mckay—solid, lyrical poems of distinctive voice and quality—but with no departures or surprises. Nevertheless, readily recommended. Two favorite one-liners:


our last time      this meeting by the footbridge


to find again the footpath      the single leaf