Five Seasons

Sequence previously published in Into the Open: Poems from Poets of the Sixth Skagit River Poetry Festival (La Conner, Washington: Skagit River Poetry Festival, 2010), at which I was a featured poet (see festival website image at the bottom). Individual poems previously published in Brussels Sprout, Fig Newtons: Senryu to Go (Foster City, California: Press Here, 1993), Frogpond, Geppo, Mayfly, Mie Times (Japan), Mirrors, Shiki Haikusphere (Matsuyama City, Japan: Prinart/Okada Printing Co., 2007), Snapshots (England), and Woodnotes.



scattered petals . . .

the thud of my books

in the book drop                         +



spring breeze—

the pull of her hand

as we near the pet store



mountain spring—

     in my cupped hand

          pine needles



tulip festival—

the colours of all the cars

in the parking lot



meteor shower . . .

a gentle wave

wets our sandals                         +



summer moonlight

     the potter’s wheel




first star—

a seashell held

to my baby’s ear



beach parking lot—

where the car door opened

a small pile of sand



first day of school—

I eat my buckwheat pancakes

in silence



a table for one—

   leaves rustle

in the inner courtyard



a crab apple

from the highest branch

rattles down the rain spout



first cold night—

the click of your domino

as we play by the fire                             +



toll booth lit for Christmas—

from my hand to hers

warm change



first snow . . .

the children’s hangers

clatter in the closet



warm winter evening—

the chairs askew

after the poetry reading



Valentine’s Day—

she reminds me

to fasten my seatbelt                   +





hospital waiting room—

the drinking fountain

stops humming



grocery shopping—

pushing my cart faster

through feminine protection



the waiter interrupts

our argument on abortion—

a choice of teas