Woodnotes — #13

Summer 1992

Woodnotes #13 included “Go to the Pine: The Haiku Moment,” an essay by Patricia Neubauer in which she says “do not go looking for the haiku moment—let it come to you.” And Lequita Vance provided an essay titled “Tracking the Rampant Renku.” Ebba Story won the Woodnotes Award, and also reviewed Lee Gurga’s The Measure of Emptiness, which I published with my press, Press Here, in 1991. The poems included 81 haiku and senryu, and one tanka.


  • Editors: Christopher Herold and Michael Dylan Welch

  • Typesetting and layout: Michael Dylan Welch

  • Cover and interior art: clipart

Pages 28

Haiku/Senryu 81

Tanka 1

Essays 2

Reports 2

Mini-Reviews 8


  • Meeting Report by Ebba Story

  • In Memory of Tom Arima (Manzen)

  • “Go to the Pine: The Haiku Moment” essay by Patricia Neubauer

  • Woodnotes Award, won by Ebba Story

  • Haiku and Senryu (and one tanka)

  • “Tracking the Rampant Renku” essay by Lequita Vance

  • “Reading by James Hackett” report by Garry Gay

  • Woodnotes (news)

  • Books, with notes by the editors

  • Book Review by Ebba Story

The Measure of Emptiness by Lee Gurga

  • Double Take (previously published haiku)

  • “Riots” by George Knox (haiku pair)

Woodnotes Award

morning breeze

pulsing in the Buddha’s palm

a spider web

Ebba Story

Selected Poems

I shake the vase—

a bouquet of red roses

finds its shape

Peggy Willis Lyles

where the scarecrow

used to stand

a snowman

Mark Arvid White

Plow scraping

the road sparks

shoot through the falling snow

David Elliott

No matter

where I stand

barbecue smoke

Garry Gay

haiku reading

the frog

in his throat

Laura Bell