Woodnotes — #12

Spring 1992

One of the most significant essays published in Woodnotes was “Some Notes on Haiku Moments and Prepositions” by Cor van den Heuvel, which appeared in issue #12. Cor wrote that “prepositions are essential to English-language haiku, for to create an image one has to place things in space—such words as ‘in,’ ‘on,’ and ‘of’ enable us to positions things so that we can ‘see’ them.” Marlina Rinzen won this issue’s Woodnotes Award, and I offered an extended haibun, “Darkened by Shadow,” about the Gulf War. A tanka by Dave Sutter appeared in this issue, the only previous tanka being two that appeared in issue #7. With this poem, tanka would appear in every issue of Woodnotes that followed, ultimately amounting to about ten percent of the total number of poems published in the journal (257 tanka in total). A new feature in this issue was “Double Take,” a one-page column that invited previously published poems so they might have a second life. Although this column did not last long, it was an example of trying something new, which the journal did in numerous ways over its 31 issues.


Pages 32

Haiku/Senryu 82

Tanka 1

Haibun 2

Essays 1

Reports 2

Mini-Reviews 8


Woodnotes Award



      of the mist . . .

white rowboat

             Marlina Rinzen



Selected Poems


brushing my old dog—

     a house wren waits

          to line her nest

             Hank Dunlap



     upon reflection

only myself

        in the pool

             Laura Bell



spray from the hose—

my home

at the rainbow’s end

             Barbara Herold



the thin soles

of old sandals:

summer’s end

             Peggy Willis Lyles



sixteen floors up

on the window ledge

a grasshopper

             Marianne Monaco



immigrant graveyard

tombstones lean east

lean west

             Jerry Kilbride



strangers claim

the pup we found

my daughter’s tears

             J. Ervin

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