Summer 1989

The second issue of Woodnotes, like the first, still featured more news and announcements than poetry, but a shifting focus onto poetry was brewing. The masthead still identified the publication as a “newsletter.” This issue looks like it included a dozen “submitted” haiku (as opposed to poems quoted in announcements or included in commentary), with the balance of content focused on news, announcements, one meeting report, and three essays, most notably “The Use of Articles in Haiku” by Paul O. Williams. The cover employed a thicker card-stock paper, so Woodnotes was moving beyond being just a newsletter and more fully becoming a haiku journal.


  • Editors: vincent tripi and Paul O. Williams

  • Typesetting: Jane Reichhold

  • Illustrations: Vincent Cheng

Pages 12

Haiku/Senryu 12

Essays 4

Reports 2


  • “A Haiku Gathering / June 3, 1989” by Carolyn Talmadge

  • Haiku (seven poems)

  • “The Use of Articles in Haiku” essay by Paul O. Williams

  • Woodnotes (news)

  • “Haiku Stops” by vincent tripi (commentary on two haiku)

  • “Haiku as Meditation” (poems from a program led by Carolyn Talmadge)

  • “Just the Way It Is” by vincent tripi (short quotations from interviews with the public about haiku)

  • “A Guide to Haiku” essay by Anita Virgil (a reprint of a 1970 list of questions to ask about haiku)

  • Announcement of “The First International Women’s Haiku Competition” (sponsored by HPNC)

Selected Poem

Bald tire

still getting good mileage . . .

as a tree swing

Garry Gay