Woodnotes — #5

Spring 1990

The highlight of this issue was a majority focus on poems, with a jump to 62 haiku and senryu. Another small step in the journal’s maturity, with this issue, was that Woodnotes gained an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number): 1050-4664. ISSNs uniquely identify serial publications, much like ISBNs but for periodicals. The ongoing Haiku Stops” column, coordinated by vincent tripi, continued to provide useful analysis of selected poems.


  • Editors: vincent tripi and Paul O. Williams

  • Associate editor, typesetting, and layout: Michael Dylan Welch

  • Cover art: clipart

Pages 20

Haiku/Senryu 62

Translations 2

Essays 4

Reports 1

Book Reviews 3

Mini-Reviews 1

Book Listings 6


  • “In Memory” (Shaunt Basmajian)

  • “Haiku Stops” by vincent tripi, with haiku commentary by Catalina Cariaga, Margaret Molarsky, and Tom Clausen.

  • Haiku and Senryu

  • Woodnotes (news)

  • Book Listings by vincent tripi

  • Book Reviews by Tom Lynch, Marlina Rinzen, Anita Virgil, and Michael Dylan Welch

Aftershock, Paul O. Williams, editor

Questi Momenti by Adele Kenny

The Flea Circus by Alan Pizzarelli

Out of Cassiopeia by Charles B. Dickson

  • “The Sound of What?” by vincent tripi (responses by random people to Bashō’s “old pond” poem)

  • Meeting Report by Paul O. Williams

Selected Poems

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance,

she feels her breast

for lumps.

Alexis Rotella

summer night:

Orion at the tips

of Daddy’s fingers

Adele Kenny