Woodnotes — #7

Autumn 1990

This issue of Woodnotes appears to be the first one to include tanka—two of them, by Brent Partridge and Catalina Cariaga (tanka would not appear again until issue #12, but they appeared in every issue after that). This was also the longest issue yet, ballooning to 28 pages and 75 haiku and senryu. Two essays also appeared, “Zen and the Art of Direct Seeing: Cultivating the Haiku Moment” by me and “Tones of Haiku: Yugen” by Tom Arima. Tom, who also used the pen name Manzen, would contribute one other essay to Woodnotes (in issue #9) on Japanese aesthetic terms that he called tones in haiku. Plans for Woodnotes to publish additional essays from Tom on the tones of haiku were unfortunately never fulfilled.


Pages 28

Haiku/Senryu 75

Tanka 1

Essays 3

Reports 1

Book Reviews 1

Book Listings 15


Hundreds of Wishes by Francine Porad

Selected Poems


power restored . . .

around the switch

smudged fingerprints

             Peggy Willis Lyles



the sky’s

whole silence

in the owl’s wings

             June Moreau



Moonlit night

—aroma of yams

crossing the marsh

             Matthew Louvière

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