Software and Photography Workshops

The following are selected workshops that I can provide relating to computer software and photography. Most of these presentations include a PowerPoint presentation and handouts. See also “Slide Shows.”

“Microsoft Word for Poets and Novelists” — An in-depth, day-long or half-day workshop on exploring Microsoft Word software (latest and recent versions), focusing on specific needs for poetry and fiction. Includes topics such as toolbar customization, the comment and track changes features, special characters, keyboard shortcuts, styles and templates, and resources for additional help.

“Word to the Wise” — Want to know tips and tricks for using Microsoft Word? This hands-on class uncovers a series of helpful shortcuts and customizations to tailor the software for your business and personal needs.

“Desktop Publishing and Typography” — What’s the difference between an em dash and an en dash, and why should you care? What is leading and kerning, and why should you avoid many of the default settings in word processors and layout software such as InDesign and QuarkXPress? This presentation investigates basic principles of desktop publishing and typography, and explores newly trending options in print-on-demand technology, PDF creation, and more.

“Blurred Light Photography” — A nighttime photography workshop on how to deliberately blur lights when taking pictures, focusing on moving the camera while taking each photograph. Requires a location such as a state fair midway, commercial city street, light sculptures, Christmas lights, fireworks show, or another concentration of unusual indoor or outdoor light sources. See examples of my Photographs.