A Story, Essay, and Poem

Post date: Jun 21, 2020 8:18:43 PM

I’ve added two old pieces of writing to Graceguts. One, from 1981, is “A Paid-In-Full Visit to the Offices of Mandolin, Fuzzbucket, and Word Association Limited,” just added to the Stories page. The other is “Alice’s Chain of Thought,” 1985 college essay with a creative twist just added to the Essays page (about Alice in Wonderland). And in the Bashō section of the Poems About Haiku page, there’s a new poem by Robert Aitken. But wait, I’ve also added what I hope will be a helpful new subpage to the Books page, featuring a Sortable Book List, where you can sort all 75+ listings of my books by year, category, title, and other headings. Have a look!