A Whole Bunch of Shakin’ Goin’ On

Post date: Sep 29, 2014 10:56:54 PM

Several new additions to the site, after a long summer break. New to the “Poems About Haiku” section of the Poems by Others page are “After Bashō” by Margaret Dornaus, “Fun-ku” by Seren Fargo, “As the Poems Go” by Charles Bukowski, and [untitled] by Nick Smith. I’ve also added Anna Swir’s “Poetry Reading” to the Poems by Others page. A collection of my “Moonku” now appears on the Haiku and Senryu page. I’ve added a new Digression featuring my first-ever appearance as a Poetry Crossword Puzzle clue (does that mean all the rest of you are clueless?). And if that’s not enough, my “Snake” poem, available on the Poems page, now sports a new Pinterest posting by the Virginia Quarterly Review that featured my poem. Numerous other minor updates and lagniappes hither and yon, too, plus many updates to my Appearances page. Thanks to all for reading!