Poems About Haiku, Revisited

Post date: Jun 01, 2020 3:49:47 AM

Look for a major overhaul to my Poems About Haiku page, which now organizes the hundreds of poems there into categories—a change I’ve thought about making for a few years now. The categories are “Reading and Writing Haiku,” “Bashō” (he gets a lot of attention), “Buson and Shiki,” “Issa,” “About Haiku,” “Miscellaneous” (poems that won’t fit elsewhere), “Mentioning Haiku” (more often offering just a passing reference to haiku, but still of interest), “For Fun” (often jokes about haiku, and yes, I hold my nose at some of them), “Metaku” (so-called “haiku” about haiku, often trying to define haiku, attempting to be witty), and “Parodies.” And while you’re in the neighbourhood, I’ve added a wonderful historical photo showing me with Cyril Childs and Jerry Kilbride on the “Meteor Shower” page, available through the Commentary page. And check out the “South Pole Saijiki” image just added to the end of the “Haiga with Other Artists” page available through the Haiga page. Dig in!