Six Poems About Haiku
and Other Distractions

Post date: Feb 26, 2021 1:46:33 AM

New to the Poems About Haiku page, which I love to expand, are the following six additions: David Lehman’s “Homage to Bashō” and “Poem in the Manner of Bashō,” Ron Padgett’s “Advertising translation,” Alfred H. Marks’ “Bashō,” Julie Bloss Kelsey’s untitled poem, and my own “Too in Love with 5-7-5” (with bonus meme). Three other additions are “NaHaiWriMo: Overview and Interview” (dating from 2011) on the Interviews page, my trio of Thoreau haiku, “For Henry,” on the Sequences page, and the “Natalie Goldberg Variations” postscript on the “14 or 15 Combs” piece on the Commentary page. Lots to read!