Taking the Haiku Journey

Post date: May 15, 2013 11:45:52 PM

A large new addition to Graceguts is Haiku Journey. This is the name of a word-based computer game published in 2006 by Hot Lava, which later became MumboJumbo. I served as haiku editor for the game, soliciting, compiling, and editing a total of 540 haiku from 45 different poets from around the world (twelve poems each, three for each season). I also wrote descriptions of haiku’s history and its aesthetics that you can read as you play the game. The haiku I selected serve as word puzzles that you try to solve as you progress through various levels on your way to Mt. Fuji and the goal of becoming a haiku master. On the new Haiku Journey page, I’ve provided a description of the game, and links to such extras as a list of all contributing poets, my twelve haiku from the game, pictures of the box and CD-ROM, screenshots from the game, links to various reviews of the game, and places where you can download the game (free to try for an hour, or as cheap as $2.99 to purchase). Give Haiku Journey a try and see if you don’t get addicted! And you get to read a lot of great haiku, too.