From The San Francisco Haiku Anthology

The following seven poems appeared in The San Francisco Haiku Anthology (Windsor, California: Smythe-Waithe Press, 1992), edited by Jerry Ball, Garry Gay, and Tom Tico, pages 76–79 (bio from page 195). I also did the layout, design, and copyediting on this book. View a PDF of the entire book on the Haiku Foundation website.

deep in shadow

three generations

counting tree rings

stone idol

the slow turning

of the tide

harbour lights

the smell of fish

and fishermen

moving in—

old nails

in the walls

summer morning

going downstairs to find

yesterday’s dishes

wild garden

in the shed

old clay pots

after the storm

waiting for the lights

to come on

Michael Dylan Welch

I was born near London, and grew up in England, Ghana, Australia, and Canada. For my M.A. in English, I wrote a thesis on A Clockwork Orange. As publications manager for a computer corporation in the Bay Area, my responsibilities include the writing, editing, layout, and design of software documentation and marketing materials. I also edit and publish Press Here books, which include Vincent Tripi’s interview with Anita Virgil, On My Mind, Adele Kenny’s Starship Earth, Lee Gurga’s The Measure of Emptiness, and two books of my own: The Haijin’s Tweed Coat and Tremors. My other interests include Lewis Carroll, M. C. Escher, e. e. cummings [I hadn’t yet discovered the E. E. Cummings Society or learned that the poet preferred the usual capital letters for his name], photography, racquetball, skiing, book collecting, reading, and travel. Haiku has long been one of my creative writing interests, and my poems have appeared in most of the major haiku journals. Currently I coedit Woodnotes, the quarterly publication of the Haiku Poets of Northern California.