Haiku Canada 15th Anniversary Holograph Anthology

First published in Woodnotes #15, Winter 1992, page 34.

Haiku Canada 15th Anniversary Holograph Anthology coordinated by Marco Fraticelli. 1992. A 7 by 4 by 1 inch green box of poems, each written by hand on special pieces of paper ranging from Ruby Spriggs’ playing card to Jane Reichhold’s recycling of extra pages from her book, A Dictionary of Haiku. Includes 28 poems by as many poets. Not a “book,” but a wonderful alternative to the typical anthology method of presenting haiku by a group’s members, since it reveals something of the character of each writer in their handwriting, illustrations, choice of paper, and creativity. Available from Marco Fraticelli at Box 123, LaSalle, Quebec, Canada, H8R 3T7 (inquire about the price). [address no longer correct]