Woodnotes — #10

Autumn 1991

This issue was vincent tripi’s last as coeditor. He put an indelible stamp on Woodnotes in its first three years, and it was a pleasure to work with him. This issue included “Haiku North America Conference Report,” published anonymously, but I actually wrote it, celebrating the first HNA conference that took place in August 1991 in Livermore, California, a landmark event in Western haiku history. A new occasional column starting in this issue was “The Haiku Life,” with anecdotes about haiku in the real world. Along with the usual haiku and senryu selections, again reaching a new high number, an extensive set of mini book reviews by both editors rounded out this issue. This was the last issue to include the original Woodnotes title logo by Mary Fields on the cover, and the last to include poems by the editors on the back cover.


  • Editors: vincent tripi and Michael Dylan Welch

  • Typesetting, and layout: Michael Dylan Welch

  • Cover art: “Interlude” by Terry Johnson

  • Interior art: clipart

Pages 28

Haiku/Senryu 84

Haibun 1

Essays 1

Reports 2

Book Reviews 1

Mini-Reviews 14

Book Listings 1

Editorials 2


  • Editors’ Messages by vincent tripi and Michael Dylan Welch

  • “Haiku North America Conference Report,” published anonymously, but by Michael Dylan Welch

  • Haiku and Senryu

  • “The Haiku Life” (a new column about haiku) +

  • Woodnotes (news)

  • “A Moveable Memory” haibun by Davina Kosh

  • Books, with notes by the editors

  • Book Review by James Chessing

A Poppy Blooms by Garry Gay, Rengé/David Priebe, Dave Sutter, and vincent tripi, edited by Patricia Donegan

  • Meeting Report by vincent tripi

Selected Poems

Passing through the crowd

as the Blue Angels perform

monarch butterfly

Tom Tico

bright moonlight

suddenly he sees

her wedding ring

Margaret Molarsky

roller coaster—

my Hindu friend riding

again and again

Christopher Herold