Woodnotes — #11

Winter 1991

With this issue, my first as lead editor, I redesigned the cover and began a tradition of having cover images that wrapped around the spine from front to back. I used clipart images for this purpose for nine issues (#11 through #19). We also started having author indexes for each issue, and these appeared on the back cover instead of poems by the editors. Before this issue, we also printed text on the inside covers, but discontinued doing so with this issue, because it was cheaper to add four interior pages than to print two pages of text (in colour) on the inside covers. This issue also began the tradition of the editors selecting a Woodnotes Award” as the best poem in the issue, with Matthew Louvière as the first winner (see all “Woodnotes Award Winners”). This issue had another record-high number of poems (92), marking a continued upward trend in the number of poems, reflecting an increasing subscriber list.


Pages 28

Haiku/Senryu 92

Haibun 1

Reports 2

Book Reviews 1

Mini-Reviews 7


The Gulf Within, edited by Christopher Herold and Michael Dylan Welch

Woodnotes Award


she lifts the broom

as if to sweep

—a gust of wind

             Matthew Louvière



Selected Poems

windows filled with light

at the home for the blind,

christmas night

             Jerry Kilbride



looking at the air

where the bear passed

last night

             Paul O. Williams



blackberry brambles

propped by the barn

or vice versa

             Francine Porad



retired racehorse

running the pasture


             Marianne Monaco



first frost

one puddle frozen

the size of my skate

             Kimberly Cortner

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