If Everything Happens that Can’t Be Done

Post date: Apr 05, 2021 12:53:10 AM

Lots of everything on Graceguts! New to the Interviews page is “5-7-5 in the 505: Haiku North America in Santa Fe” about the 2017 HNA conference. On the NeverEnding Story page, available through Haiku and Senryu, are two poems of mine, with new Chinese translations. On the Digressions page, look for a new page describing Artists Personal Exchange (Apex), an art salon I’ve been participating in monthly for the last few years, complete with a video I appear in, plus a few photos. Also on the Digressions page, in Ekphrastic Assimilations, look for a link to view or download two ekphrastic writing exercise sheets. New to the Commentary page, too, is a link to Nicholas Klacsanzky’s generous appreciation for Graceguts, “The Website that has Influenced My Writing the Most.” On the Poems About Haiku page, I’ve added two new pieces by J. I. Kleinberg, “the meaning of a sign” and “to paint the written.” On the “Fuji Over the Clouds: The Dangers of Travel Haiku” essay, available through the Essays page, I’ve added a photo of Japanese calligraphy by my wife’s uncle. And at the bottom of the Appearances page (which has a few new events), as a sign of these pandemic times, I’ve added a Zoom event photo.