Three Sequences

Post date: Nov 03, 2019 10:7:7 PM

The Sequences page now sports three new sets of poems, all recently published in Bacopa Literary Review in Florida. The first is “Shēngxiào / 生肖,” which won first prize for haiku (and $300) in Bacopa’s 2019 poetry contests. The second is “Haiku Lessons,” having a bit of experimental fun. And the third is “Still I Go,” about a time of surgery in 2016. Meanwhile, on the Digressions page, I’ve added details about “Poets Wanted: Dead or Alive,” ongoing sequences of presentations I’ve given about deceased poets at my local library. I’ve also added a new link to “Haiku Are Not a Joke: A Plea from a Poet Who Has Had It Up to Here” by Sandra Simpson on the Further Reading page, plus a few other miscellaneous additions on the Redmond Poet Laureate page and elsewhere.