Wherever You Will

First published as the introduction to Retina Splash, the second of three ebook collections of “hydrogen jukebox” poems, published by Bones in July of 2020. Read the entire ebook in the free PDF below. The PDF is also available on the Bones website. See the Haiku Canada review. See also “Wherever They Will: Introduction to Eyeball Kick, “Who Knows: Introduction to Vitreous Humor,” “My Word: Introduction to Ocular Oracle,” and “Courting the Eyeball Kick: A Short History of Suns and Moons.”       +

“Originality is being different from oneself, not others.”

—Philip Larkin

I continue here in the same vein as Eyeball Kick with another set of “hydrogen jukebox” poems. If you seek a narrative, you will not find it. If you seek enlightenment, you need to up your meds. If you seek what-if disjunction, you might just find one or two seeds between the weeds. What we have here, in no intentional order, are more poems that pair a repeated phrase with the quiddities of living, plus a twist or three. More highs and lows, more side to side, more in and out. If you know what they mean, please let me know. Take them, again, wherever you will.

        Michael Dylan Welch

        Sammamish, Washington

Retina Splash.pdf