Who Knows?

First published as the introduction to Vitreous Humor, an ebook collection of “hydrogen jukebox” poems published by Bones in October of 2020. Read the entire ebook in the free PDF below. The PDF is also available on the Bones website. See the Haiku Canada review. See also “Wherever They Will: Introduction to Eyeball Kick,” “Wherever You Will: Introduction to Retina Splash,” “My Word: Introduction to Ocular Oracle,” and “Courting the Eyeball Kick: A Short History of Suns and Moons.”       +

“Some writers confuse authenticity, which they ought always to aim at, with originality, which they should never bother about.”

—W. H. Auden

Welcome to the third installment of these “hydrogen jukebox” poems, hot on the heels of Eyeball Kick and Retina Splash. I don’t believe you’ll find any overriding theme here that’s any different from the previous two collections, but if you do, please tell me about it. More quiddities, more whatnots, more highs and lows, more heres and theres, outs and abouts, shouts and echoes, whispers and dreams, more touches of daily living combined with the peculiarities of whatever a hydrogen jukebox is. Even Allen Ginsberg didn’t know.

        Michael Dylan Welch

        Sammamish, Washington

Vitreous Humor.pdf