1 November 2022

I’m a little late with getting this Graceguts update out the door for November 1st, but here’s what been happening on the site in October 2022:

  • New on the Trifolds page is a double whammy of new trifolds, “Light” and “Dark,” complete with a photo of both trifolds. You can also view or download both PDFs on the Trifold Downloads page. This year I had so many poems I wanted to include in my annual haiku trifold that I decided to make two, and I hope they go together well. Please let me know if you read these!

  • On the Haiku and Senryu page, a new listing for “The 4th Bashō-an International English Haiku Competition” features two of my awarded haiku, with Japanese translations by Dhugal Lindsay. Also on Haiku and Senryu, on the From Haiku Meridians page, look for newly added biographical notes in Romanian and English.

  • On “My Poems in Haiku Society of America Anthologies,” I’ve just added my contribution to Dawn Returns, the 2022 anthology, and added photos of all the book covers I could find (still need to add an image for the latest book and find images for a few of the earliest years).

  • My Digressions page for First Frost now includes a cover image for issue #4, recently published.

  • The Your Thoughts page has a new comment (at the end) by Michael Young.

  • In the Bashō section of the Poems About Haiku page, look for John Levy’s untitled poem (“after Bashō”).

  • On my “African American Haiku: Cultural Visions” review (the longer one of the two versions), available through the Reviews page, I’ve added a new postscript.

  • On the Interviews page, I’ve added a link to my interviews with the top six winners of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s 2022 Haiku Invitational (plus a video link too). These links also appear on my “Haiku Invitational” page on Digressions.

  • On the Blurbs page, look for my blurb for A Charm of Finches, edited by Agnes Eva Savich, originally slated for 2021 but finally published in 2022. See also my blurb for Not Your Kids’ Nursery Rhyme Haiku by Bona M. Santos and Susan Burch, also recently published.

  • My Appearances page has a few new updates, such as my contribution of 20 visually projected haiku as part of the 2022 Redmond Lights festival in Redmond, Washington, throughout December and into early January.

As always, thank you for exploring!