1 November 2023

This is the third month in a row where I’ve said that additions to Graceguts have been a little low in volume, but my October additions are the fewest yet. Maybe that’s because I just directed Haiku Northwest’s 16th annual Seabeck Haiku Getaway at the end of October 2023. Okay, I’m going with that. But here are some October additions to Graceguts that I’ve managed anyway:

Two other tasks I’ve recently completed have been to judge the 2023 Morioka Haiku Contest (nearly a thousand entries), with results announced 12 November 2023 in Japan, and to serve as the 2024 guest haiku selector for Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine. I plan on sharing the Morioka contest selections and commentary later. My selections for Pulse will trickle out every two weeks throughout 2024. Meanwhile, here’s to a productive month ahead, for you and for me.