1 May 2023

Lots of little steps can add up to a long journey. That’s what the month of April has felt like. A few big steps, but also lots of smaller steps, as listed here, have contributed to what I might call the Graceguts way to celebrate National Poetry Month. Here’s what I’ve been up to on Graceguts for April 2023:

guitar solo

on the radio—

my fretting fingers

Meanwhile, over on my Rengay website, check out “Yo Ho, Yo Ho!” on the Three-Person Rengay page (written with Sidney Bending and Margaret Rutley), recently published in Presence, and “Seeing Red,” new to the Solo Rengay page, which recently appeared in Raining Rengay #1 (April 2023). And take a look at “Last Sunset,” just added to the Six-Person Rengay page.


So, deep breath, that’s part of what’s kept me busy this past month. As mentioned, my mother also passed away in April. I don’t think she ever visited Graceguts. I may have never even told her about it, but most of my writing was never of interest to her—she preferred reading inspirational true stories and memoir. But one trait I’m now convinced that I gained from her was her abiding ability to document her life, such as keeping a detailed diary of extensive house renovations, or index cards itemizing every book she read, at least after a certain date. Or her diary of taking elocution lessons in England around 1950 (she insisted that I and one of my sisters also take elocution for a few years when I was around 12 or 13, which certainly helped with my public speaking abilities). And that’s just a few of many private practical writings and detailed record-keeping I had mostly never seen until I helped to clear out my mother’s belongings after she died. She was intensely organized, and I wish I had inherited more of that ability! A bow of gratitude to my mother, who led a long and productive life and died peacefully in her sleep.