1 February 2022:
An Overhaul of Graceguts

On the last day of December 2021, I relaunched Graceguts after a hiatus of four months. The site had undergone a forced migration to a new system, requiring every single page (of more than 2,700) to be reformatted and redesigned, sometimes relinked, and in some cases restructured and rewritten. In addition, the site is now secure and optimized for phones, tablets, and personal computers. If you spot any dead links or have any other comments or suggestions, please contact me. The following are primary changes to the site when it was relaunched on 31 December 2021 plus other additions made in the month of January 2022.

  • Extensive redesign of the home page, with images for each of the main menu options, and a redesign of all subpages.

  • Creation of a new www.rengay.com website, with all the content from the Rengay and Rengay Essays pages moved to the new site, featuring this six-verse thematic collaborative poetry. The addition of much new content includes the following recent rengay: “The Corner Kick’s Curve,” “Even in Kyoto,” “A Moveable Feast,” “Oceans Away,” “Shaughnessy,” “Timberline Lodge,” and “Yesterday’s News.” I am also particularly pleased with the new “City Rengay” page featuring rengay about different cities of the world.

  • Broad revisions to the Press Here page, now with subpages for each of the dozens of books I’ve published since 1989 with my press, devoted mostly to haiku and related poetry. This page has sections for new and featured titles and for all titles.

  • An overhaul of the Photographs page, with categorized and updated links for many dozens of online photo albums—with more to come. These changes have been long overdue, dating back to the migration of all my photo albums from Picasa to Google Photos when Google acquired Picasa in 2004 and discontinued the service entirely in 2016. I’m still looking for links to old Picasa sites, but I believe I’ve updated most of them.

  • One feature no longer being updated, because the new system no longer supports it, is the old site’s blog, called “Blogistics.” However, you can still visit that page where you can read hundreds of archived blog posts. In place of this blog, you can now read “Graceguts News.”

  • Updated the FAQ page with new links.

  • Hundreds of miscellaneous link additions, link updates, typo corrections, and rewordings throughout the site.

In addition, here are recent additions for specific subpages of Graceguts (I’d like to draw special attention to a few major additions marked in red below):


  • Created a new Appearances page for 2022 and archived my 2021 events. Many new updates to both pages, including new photos.


  • Published a new ebook, Ocular Oracle, the fourth in my “hydrogen jukebox” trilogy of surreal poems, listed on the Books page. You can view the free PDF on the “My Word” page newly added to the Introductions page.

  • Assembled details about Noh, a book I cotranslated with Emiko Miyashita, published by PIE Books in 2010. Includes a sample Noh play summary, “Motomezuka,” a sample poem, and photographs.

  • Under the Seabeck Reunion listing, I added a review of the book by Maeve O’Sullivan.




Further Reading


Haiku and Senyru


  • Links added for Alba, Books on Asia, Guest, Haiku Forum, International Tanka, The Journal of the North American Japanese Garden Association, Kontinuum, Take 5ive, and Vines, where my writing has recently been published. Other links also added to the Links page.



Poems About Haiku








  • “A Year of Bashō” added to the Translations page, featuring twelve poems I cotranslated with Emiko Miyashita from our book on Bonsai.

  • Added my translations with Emiko Miyashita of all 100 waka poems from 100 Poets: Passions of the Imperial Court, our rendition of the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, from an artbook published by PIE Books in 2008. Each poem is presented with the image of a card from the karuta card game traditionally played at New Year in Japan.

  • Added “2021 Traffic Culture Exhibition Winning Haiku,” complete with numerous photos, from contest-winning haiku I translated with Emiko Miyashita. This exhibit was displayed at Ueno Station in Tokyo in October and November of 2021.

Trifolds and Trifold Downloads

  • Added PDFs of three recent trifolds to the Trifolds page: “Carousel,” “Shadow of My Pen,” and “City Rengay.”

  • Created a new visual presentation on the Trifold Downloads page of all trifolds I’ve created, available for viewing or downloading.


  • Added several videos from YouTube to the Videos page, including “Moving Mountains” (a short video of haiku by me and Ron C. Moss, with photos by Ron), “The Well-Worn Path” (my video of a collection of haiku by Haiku Northwest poets, which I edited with David Berger), and “Haiku Seeds” (includes my segment on haiku, produced by the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia; the text for this video script has also been added to the Essays page).

In addition, I also launched or relaunched the following websites (plus a few other smaller sites), each one with extensive design changes and new content additions:

Thank you for visiting and supporting Graceguts. I hope you enjoy exploring all this sites new developments, and my other new and relaunched websites. Check back regularly for new additions listed in the “Graceguts News” section of the home page.